Metathrone 2.0

A mysterious artifact «Metathrone» of a powerful ancient race GIA
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ORION games.

The Game is a fusion of a dynamic FPS and stealth-action, which takes place in a alternative anime universe, where we find two races – developed and advanced humans co-exist with the people of «Alta» which chose a different way of evolution.
A mysterious artifact «Metathrone» of a powerful ancient race GIA, lost for many centuries, was discovered at the arc spaceship together with its original owners.
This fatal revelation breaks the peace.
The Humans found themselves at the edge of a great war with «Alta», so kind and peaceful before.
The Battle for the «Metathrone» has begun…
- Bright, original setting, featuring scientific technology, mystique, virtual reality and anime artwork.
- Breathtaking gameplay emerges players as into the hurricane action with different types of weapons, also into the stealth-battle with security systems and logical mini-games.
- During the game play players are able to use superpowers of ancient non-human civilization as pyro- and telekinesis.

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